As our aim is to supply the best oak adjuncts to demanding winemakers, the range of oak products from Canadell fully guarantees our customers needs.

Chips and mini-chips

Chips and mini-chips: the indispensable tool for a quick and efficient aromatic extraction.

Chips and Mini-Chips are the most flexible and economical method for oak extraction and contribution during fermentation and/or ageing of your wine. They help and add structure to wines and increase the length of the finished wine.

The surface area is such that it imparts tannins and adds to the structure of the wine within one week and also allows for better aromatic extraction on thinner wines.

Our Mini-Chips and Chips are available in Light, Medium and Medium Plus toasting for use during the ageing process as well as Fresh Oak (untoasted) for tannin contribution and color stability when used during fermentation.

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