As our aim is to supply the best oak adjuncts to demanding winemakers, the range of oak products from Canadell fully guarantees our customers needs.

Convection Staves

High Quality Oak for Super Premium Wines.

Our Staves are made from a selection of Oak chosen from the most famous Forests of France.

Our Staves are available in Light, Medium, Medium Plus and Long Toasting.


stave chauffe convection

  • Light Toast brings freshness and structure.
  • Medium Toast has been specifically developed to enhance soft oak flavors - including vanilla and spice - to Premium and Super Premium Wines.
  • Medium Plus Toast offers more spices and toast.
  • Long Toast gives a light touch of oak, enhancing and respecting the fruit expression in the finest way.

Our Staves have been developed to bring soft oak flavors and roundness to your red and white wines.

Our Staves also contribute a nice oak integration to the wine.

Our Staves are the economical alternative to barrels with Super Premium Wines.

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