As our aim is to supply the best oak adjuncts to demanding winemakers, the range of oak products from Canadell fully guarantees our customers needs.


How to get elegant oak characters over shorter ageing periods!

Due to their size and format, Dominoes are perfect for a rather short ageing, contributing oak flavours comparable to those of the Canadell staves.

Dominoes are designed to offer powerful yet well-integrated oak flavors and bring roundness to Red and White wines.

Dominoes are an economical solution for Premium and Super Premium wines where faster extraction and earlier integration are desired. Dominoes can be used during fermentation for white wines and/or post fermentation ageing of both Reds and Whites.

Available in Medium and Medium Plus toasting, Dominoes offer a good range of aromas and flavors. The Medium toast promotes vanilla, sweetness and elegance of oak, whereas Medium Plus toasting brings more assertiveness, toasted and roasted notes, coffee, and toffee flavours.

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