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The absolute imperative

Drying is an element in oak processing, no matter what its intended use

The staves and the bottoms are perfectly traceable, arranged with a specific stacking method designed for the primordial natural ageing phase that takes several months.

This procedure guarantees homogeneous drying for each piece. Only three or four staves are crossed over each other, so they can all take best advantage of the wind, sun and rain during the  drying operation.

This rigorous operation, so strategic in making high-quality barrels, is exclusively carried out at the Canadell company’s two stave production centres.

he Canadell company’s ageing plots are located in rural, natural settings, with privileged weather conditions for natural, ideal for high-precision drying. Each stack is precisely placed in a certain direction at each location depending on dominant winds, so that optimum exposure is guaranteed for each one.

A hydrometric test is conducted periodically to analyse the progress of drying throughout the seasons.