The manufacturing

A sense of excellence

Respect, widsom and experience at the service of a two-hundred-year-old material

Stave manufacture is an ancestral trade that requires a unique know-how when appraising bicentennial oaks.

Canadell group’s collaborators are true craftsmen, at the service of a very high quality level.

Splitting, sawing, cutting… each stage in stave production requires concentration and skill.

Years of experience are necessary to acquire such specific mastery in the merrandier trade, where manual skills are omnipresent in each stage of production.

These materials, which are extremely fragile, require absolute attention in each phase of transformation.

Craftmen of excellence at the service of a craftman's profession

After measuring and dividing each trunk, the segments are traditionally split into quarters.

Then comes the delicate quarter sawing phase. This is so each material variety can be adapted, to prevent potential barrel porosity or a fractured stave during the  bending operation.

Once this is complete, each stave is tested to assess both compliance and quality.

la confection