The search

Mastery for oak

Discovering, valuing and respecting forests have been premises of the CANADELL group for four generations.

Today, a team of ten experienced technicians is in charge of organising the delicate mission of supplying the company with high-quality oak.

For days and weeks, they must visit, estimate and negotiate these forest parcels, so difficult to acquire.

This constant search is essential to make and guarantee high-quality staves.

The CANADELL company purchases batches in the most valued regions, such as the Centre, Picardy, Île de France, Vosges, the Loire and even Normandy, which translates to a volume of forty thousand cubic metres of oak throughout the country.

The six purchases travel through each one of these regions to estimate each batch available and thus appraise the wood as an ensemble, as well as the cut, the staves or even sawing.

An essential immersion in the search for the noblest material

This estimation task is the starting point for a long process that ends six to twelve months later, when the entire forest exploitation process has been completed.

In each region, felling, wood transport and pruning operations for the most fragile oak trees are subcontracted to the most competent and renowned providers. They are respectful with traditional professional methods used by forestry operators. All logistical services are operated internally with an in-house fleet of lorries especially designed for oak transport.

All non-roughed down logs are specifically for wine and oenology. Depending on the geographical location, this raw material is sent to two initial transformation sites located in Trie-sur-Baïse, in the Hautes-Pyrenees and in Ully-Saint-Georges, in the Oise region, where the trunks are very carefully stored for transformation over the upcoming months.

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