The soul
of oak

Family culture

Four generations of staves makers

The search

Mastery for oak

Discovering, valuing and respecting forests have been premises of the CANADELL group for four generations.

The time

Respect for oak

A two- and three-hundred-year old raw material is worthy of respect and deserves the utmost care in handling


The Future’s Safety

In its search for quality, the CANADELL company promotes managed exploitation so that its present needs without penalize the futur.


The manufacturing

A sense of excellence

Stave manufacture is an ancestral trade that requires a unique know-how when appraising bicentennial oaks

The rest

The absolute imperative

Drying is an element in oak processing, no matter what its intended use

The oak for enology

New trades

Since 2003, the CANADELL company has developed a wide range of oak-based oenological products.