The oak
for enology

New trades

Since 2003, the CANADELL company has developed a wide range of oak-based oenological products

This activity is in perfect synergy with society’s traditional trades, with pieces of oak wood for the most demanding wine makers. They are offered all the variety:

– According to the oenological code.

– PEFC and HACCP certification.

– 100% made of heartwood.

Different production technologies and adjusting toasting with a  computer means that the  CANADELL company’s   collaborators or partners can more precisely advise users.

The convection oven’s IT assistance guarantees clients  absolute regularity in the quality of products.

The most traditional wine makers have the possibility of using  products toasted with a brasero and oak chips to reproduce the complexity of a barrel.


Chips and mini-chips

Chips and mini-chips: the indispensable tool for a quick and efficient aromatic extraction.

Chips and Mini-Chips are the most flexible and economical method for oak extraction and contribution during fermentation and/or ageing of your wine. They help and add structure to wines and increase the length of the finished wine.

The surface area is such that it imparts tannins and adds to the structure of the wine within one week and also allows for better aromatic extraction on thinner wines.

Our Mini-Chips and Chips are available in Light, Medium and Medium Plus toasting for use during the ageing process as well as Fresh Oak (untoasted) for tannin contribution and color stability when used during fermentation.



How to get elegant oak characters over shorter ageing periods!

Due to their size and format, Dominoes are perfect for a rather short ageing, contributing oak flavours comparable to those of the Canadell staves.

Dominoes are designed to offer powerful yet well-integrated oak flavors and bring roundness to Red and White wines.

Dominoes are an economical solution for Premium and Super Premium wines where faster extraction and earlier integration are desired. Dominoes can be used during fermentation for white wines and/or post fermentation ageing of both Reds and Whites.

Available in Medium and Medium Plus toasting, Dominoes offer a good range of aromas and flavors. The Medium toast promotes vanilla, sweetness and elegance of oak, whereas Medium Plus toasting brings more assertiveness, toasted and roasted notes, coffee, and toffee flavours.

stave convection

Brasero Staves

Our Fire-Toasted Staves are created through a traditional toasting method (the fire is made with oak pieces), bringing more complexity to your wines and a complete and powerful roundness in the mouth feel.

stave convection

Convection Staves

High Quality Oak for Super Premium Wines.

Our Staves are made from a selection of Oak chosen from the most famous Forests of France.

Our Staves are available in Light, Medium, Medium Plus and Long Toasting.

  • Light Toast brings freshness and structure.
  • Medium Toast has been specifically developed to enhance soft oak flavors – including vanilla and spice – to Premium and Super Premium Wines.
  • Medium Plus Toast offers more spices and toast.
  • Long Toast gives a light touch of oak, enhancing and respecting the fruit expression in the finest way.

Our Staves have been developed to bring soft oak flavors and roundness to your red and white wines.

Our Staves also contribute a nice oak integration to the wine.

Our Staves are the economical alternative to barrels with Super Premium Wines.

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